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Coaching Fees

I like to meet with people and get to know them, their horse and what their goals are related to riding so I can most help you reach your peak performance.  Our initial meeting takes a bit longer, between 60-90 minutes.  After that point, we meet for 45-60 minutes and work on the goals we’ve set with me helping coach and support you to achieve your goals. Typically this is around 6-10 sessions, sometimes more and sometimes less.

I also do traditional, non-equine coaching with similar rates.

  • Initial assessment – 90 minutes $150.00

  • Six :60 min sessions package $500.00

  • Single sixty minute sessions $100.00

*** Some sliding scale rates are available.  Please ask for details.

*** All sessions include Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) and are in person, via Webex, and may include video analysis.

Coaching Forms

Equine Coaching
Traditional Coaching