Don’t ignore the social, soul connection….

Connection matters. So much so that I value it almost more than any other aspect of life, much to the chagrin of those in my life with a different perspective. When we feel connected, it helps us overcome many things, TWO very large things that often get in the way of riding (or doing life) in the way we want to.

What are those TWO big things?

  1. Negativity

Look, I’ve been to horse shows. You ask pretty much anyone after a ride how it went and you might here some good stuff but you are always going to hear what didn’t go well.  We can do 100 things right and what sticks?  The ONE “growing edge” that we need to work on, or that the judge/trainer/friend pointed out. This is how we are wired, for survival, to find the things that lead to a lack of safety.  That “growing edge” could be your downfall, or so your brain tells you.

  1. Fractured attention


Let’s just all admit we are addicted to our phones.  Don’t tell me you don’t manage your bars and check start box scoring or the Ride on Time app.  I see you.  What it leads to though is that we aren’t fully present almost, well, anywhere.  And that 3-4 minutes that you’re riding, the lead up can be fractured in focus too because this is our life, with our attention not being fully present.

  1. Lack of social support

Despite being more connected, we are less so.  We swim in negativity (the one move in dressage, the fence/ditch in XC, the colorful jump in show jump), with fractured attention (see above) and we have less support than we ever have.  We don’t live near our grandma, don’t know our neighbors and a lot of our lives are online.

I think this is where my history of being a therapist for such a long time shows up the most.  I am able to FULLY focus on the above two and really, really focus on my clients as a coach. I’ve been working with people on connection and mindfulness for over ten years.  I live it, love it and love helping others dive into avoiding negativity, fractured attention and lack of support, as a coach.

The offseason is calling.  Let’s get started working on what’s coming and taking your riding to the next level!

Quiet your mind. Sharpen your focus. Ride to your peak performance.