I like the people’s and I cannot lie…

Admit it, now you have that song in your head, right?  Sorry about that part, a little.

I like people.  Always have.  Nothing I love more than a good, long conversation and even better if it involves coffee.  Nothing better on earth than that connection, of finding a place where we understand one another. I’m incredibly patient in waiting for and working through things in order to get that with people.

But say you like people around “the people’s” with horses and they will give you looks like you stepped in something out in the pasture.  I love this quote from a “people” who loves horses, “I prefer horses over you” (this is a people I’m quite fond of, simply because that’s incredibly honest, kind of like horses).

I get it.  Really and truly.

Lori Kimmerly photo

People can betray you.  Talk behind your back.  Be unkind.  Reject you.  It’s hard to let go of those things.

Helping people as a therapist, it’s been my job to help people get beyond things, to get to a place where they can let go, have freedom and peace.  It can take a long time to get there and sometimes, for lots of reasons, we can’t or don’t.  But with a horse?  They are mindful, present moment animals who are always instinctually keeping themselves safe. They see where you are, the real you without a mask or fakery and when there is connection and trust, it’s a bond like no other.  You blow it with them, they don’t hold grudges.  They release that pressure and you move back into relationship.

In my work as a coach, I’m always trying to take my “people experience” and collaborate with riders to get to a place where they are more like their HORSE.  By using mindfulness, you are able to be in the present moment, without judgement, to be in connection rather than back there on the last fence, or the scary ditch that’s coming up (that their horse senses and then begins to worry about).  Why mindfulness?

Dr. Lidia Zylowska explained that mindfulness helps people become aware of their attention and teaches them how to become less distracted. It allows them to step back and observe their thoughts and feelings, perhaps curbing impulsive reactions and emotional reactivity.

Read more here: https://www.sanluisobispo.com/living/family/linda-lewis-griffith/article213215994.html#storylink=cpy

So, me loving people?  It’s a good thing. It helps me know what is happening for a rider and walking alongside (or trotting) to help them get more connected, more mindful, less reactive.  Coolest people job ever!

Ask me about how my “people” skills might help you improve your riding and connection.

Quiet your mind.  Sharpen your focus.  Ride to your peak performance