Mindfulness is NOT hugging a tree

Not that there is anything wrong with hugging a tree!

I love trees.  I mean, that is MY photo so apparently I’m a fan.  But mindfulness?  Not tree huggy.

It’s also not about sitting around for a long time.  Or making all your thoughts go away.  None of those things are realistic.  What mindfulness ISN’T – check this out!


Taking five minutes a day to be mindful, relate to your thoughts in a different way?  That’s something we all could and should do. Especially when we are riding our horses.  It’s basically the best five minutes of my day!

This weekend I’ll be out at Aspen Farms sharing about mindfulness – what it is and isn’t – and sharing how it could impact your riding.  I hope to see you there!

Quiet your mind.  Sharpen your focus. Ride to your peak performance.