The secret to your riding success!

It’s pretty boring and I’m not sure it’s a secret.


You know that thing you’re already doing. Riding consistently. Lessons.  Spending time with your horse.  And above all, take good care of you.  Yes, YOU!

Horses take a ton of time and energy and they are worth every amount of effort.  But it’s also important for you to put yourself on the list.  I saw this article and it talked about the simplicity and consistency of good daily habits.  The simple things can impact your riding because you’re putting effort not just into your horse, but yourself as well.

Being optimistic – believing you can do it.  Being with others who believe this as well. Let others be your champion!

Investing time in relationships – being with your horse and spending time just connecting with them

Expressing gratitude – wherever you are in your riding life, be grateful for this moment and not just the ones to come.

Find your purpose – is it moving up a level, being calmer, having less anxiety? Name it and then work toward it

Practice – all of the things mentioned – optimism, relationships, gratitude, purpose.  Work on them every day.

And above all – live in the moment.  The very definition of mindfulness.  You only have this moment so soak it up!

It may seem simple and it really is but believe it or not, even if it improved your riding 10%, how big would that be?!

Quiet your mind.  Sharpen your focus.  Ride to your peak performance.

Your coach, Lori Kimmerly