That little event in Kentucky

Rolex, Landrover, the grand slam 3 day event, whatever you’re calling it, if you’re an eventer, this is the weekend to pay attention.  I’ve been intrigued as two of the riders in particular have talked about mindfulness as being components to their success.

I’ll start with with Phillip Dutton.  He currently has two horses in the top ten.  Here is what he had to say about mindfulness. “The best thing you can practice is being in the moment when you are rid- ing,” he said. “You can then react appro- priately when needed, rather than things becoming a big blur or having outside distractions ruin your focus. For example, you can practice this while you are riding at home. Instead of talking to everybody, answering phone calls or chatting with your ground help, practice just being focused and attentive [to the situation and your horse] during your ride. Then it won’t be a stretch for you when you get to a competition.”

The full article is here and includes tips on preparing to be mindful at the barn.

The current leader, Michael Jung, has also credited mindfulness as being important. I love this description about how mindfulness had an impact, “in his Olympic dressage test at Rio, he and Sam made the mistake of swapping leads early in the counter canter, receiving a low 4 mark. He immediately corrected his mistake and was back to business throughout the rest of his test. He never let the mistake negatively affect him or his outlook. Mindfulness is the difference between having a mistake, and letting your nerves rip you apart at the seams … or moving past your mistake and getting back to your typical 7-9 marks. Mindfulness takes hard work. It’s just like exercising any muscle, except it’s your brain. It’s a slow and steady technique that will greatly enhance your performance.”

Full article here:

I really appreciate how he articulates that although he still gets nervous, it’s his trust in his horse that makes the difference. That connection, attachment and attunement are so vital and related to being in the present moment, even in relationship.

I post this because it’s so exciting to me that what I’ve been observing, thinking and experiencing personally and professionally are showing up in the riding world too.  I love sharing this kind of information with people and collaborating on how to work on meeting goals.  If you’re intrigued, send me an email and we can talk about how this might work for you –

Quiet your mind.  Sharpen your focus.  Ride to your peak performance.